Selective Nerve Root Blocks


Selective nerve root blocks are a medical procedure designed to alleviate pain by administering a local anesthetic injection directly along a specific nerve root. The spine is composed of multiple openings called foramina, through which nerve roots emerge. When these openings become partially obstructed due to factors like vertebral misalignment, bone spurs, or herniated discs, the affected nerve root can become compressed or “pinched.” This compression often leads to intense, radiating pain along the path of that particular nerve root.

During a selective nerve root block, a highly skilled medical professional inserts a small needle into the adjacent foramen of the affected nerve root. This precise placement allows for targeted administration of medication directly to the affected area. By delivering the medication in close proximity to the nerve root, the procedure aims to reduce inflammation and provide effective pain relief.

Selective nerve root blocks specifically address the pain associated with compressed nerve roots. The procedure is guided by medical imaging to ensure accuracy and safety. By targeting the source of the pain, this intervention can offer significant relief and help patients regain their quality of life.


Compression of spinal nerves can lead to inflammation, which can occur due to factors such as contact with bone spurs or disc damage. The location of the affected nerve determines the specific symptoms experienced, such as pain, tingling, or numbness, which may manifest in various areas of the body.

In the cervical spine, nerve irritation can cause discomfort, numbness, or tingling sensations in the shoulder, arm, or neck. Thoracic spine nerve irritation may result in pain in the upper back or in regions near the ribs and chest wall. Lumbar nerve irritation, which affects the lower back, can manifest as pain in the lower back itself, as well as in the buttocks, hips, or legs, accompanied by sensations of numbness or tingling.


During a selective nerve root block procedure, the patient is typically positioned on their side for a neck injection or on their belly for a back injection. Throughout the procedure, oxygenation and blood pressure levels are monitored to ensure safety and well-being. A nurse is often present in the room alongside the X-ray technician and doctor to provide any necessary assistance or support.

Before commencing the procedure, the skin in the neck or back area is thoroughly cleansed with antiseptic to maintain sterility. While the actual injection itself typically takes only a few minutes, it is advisable to allocate around an hour for the entire procedure. This allows ample time for preparation, positioning, administration of the injection, and post-procedure care.

By following these careful steps and allowing sufficient time, the medical team ensures that the procedure is conducted smoothly, prioritizing patient comfort and safety.


Once your skin has been completely numbed, you may feel some pressure at the injection site as the needle is inserted. It’s important to note that the needle placement itself should not be painful. However, it is understandable that the nerve root is already irritated, sore, and pinched. During the injection of the local anesthetic, you might experience some temporary achiness along the nerve root until the anesthetic takes effect, usually within approximately 15 seconds. Rest assured, these sensations are normal and part of the expected experience.

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