The field of modern interventional pain management has greatly benefited from the remarkable advancements in technology. Fluoroscopy, an imaging technique that employs X-rays, plays a pivotal role in obtaining real-time moving images of internal structures within a patient’s body. A fluoroscope, which is a box or tube equipped with a specially coated fluorescent screen, allows for the visualization of deep structures and objects within the body. This remarkable tool has revolutionized medical imaging and facilitates precise diagnosis and treatment.


Fluoroscopy has revolutionized the field of pain management, enabling precise needle placement and opening up new avenues for improved treatments. At Comprehensive Medical Clinic, doctors utilize this imaging technique to inject contrast substance during pain management procedures, providing real-time visualization of needle location instead of relying solely on conventional X-rays.

Research has demonstrated that epidural injections performed without fluoroscopy have a significant miss rate of 30-40%, posing a disservice to patients. Consequently, many pain physicians now consider fluoroscopy an essential tool for epidural injections, ensuring optimal patient care and accurate treatment outcomes.

Over the past decade, advancements in fluoroscopy have greatly enhanced procedures such as minimally invasive lumbar discectomy, vertebroplasty, and spinal cord stimulators. When faced with challenging injection sites, the injection of dye can confirm precise needle placement or guide adjustments. Real-time visualization saves time and facilitates accurate medication delivery. Additionally, fluoroscopy provides improved visibility within vascular structures, enhancing patient safety.

The versatility of fluoroscopes, capable of maneuvering in various directions, proves invaluable for patients with conditions like scoliosis or irregular anatomy. The intensity of the fluoroscope can be adjusted to accommodate patients with excess tissue, ensuring optimal image quality.

With the latest advancements in fluoroscopy technology, Comprehensive Medical Clinic strives to provide the best possible care to patients, prioritizing compassion, respect, and overall well-being. To schedule an appointment, please call 470-766-7246 today.

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