Radiculitis, Inflamed Nerves


Radiculitis refers to the range of neurological symptoms experienced when a nerve becomes inflamed, irritated, compressed, or pinched. While not a specific medical condition, it can cause significant pain and discomfort. Radiculitis can potentially affect any nerve that extends from the spine, but it is most commonly observed in the neck or lower back. One well-known manifestation of radiculitis is sciatica, which is characterized by radicular pain along the sciatic nerve. This pain originates in the lower spine and can radiate through the lower back, buttocks, back of the thigh, and down to the calf and foot.


As explained by our orthopedist, the symptoms of radiculitis resemble those of a painfully pinched nerve. When experiencing this condition, individuals may notice the following:

– Tingling and numbness
– Radiating pain along the affected nerve pathway
– Acute pins and needles sensations
– Progressively, there may be a loss of reflexes and muscle weakness.

Symptoms will typically manifest in the legs or arms, depending on the origin of the condition. If it originates in the lower back, the impact will be felt from the buttocks downward, while the neck area will generally affect the upper extremities.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we are here to assist you in finding appropriate treatment. Schedule a visit with a pain specialist at Comprehensive Medical Clinic in Norcross, Georgia, and begin your journey towards recovery as soon as possible.


Lumbar radiculitis refers to the compression of nerve roots in the lower region of the spine, specifically the lumbar area. One common manifestation of this condition is sciatica, which is characterized by intense pain radiating down the lower half of the body. Lumbar radiculitis is often caused by the compression of nerve roots due to lumbar disc herniation or, in some cases, the presence of bone spurs in the lumbar spine.


Effective treatment for radiculitis involves addressing the underlying cause of the condition. In many cases, initial treatment plans focus on rest, stretching and exercise, and the use of anti-inflammatory medications. If the condition has progressed, physical therapy may be recommended by your Atlanta orthopedist. Surgical intervention should only be considered after exhausting all other traditional methods.

Comprehensive Medical Clinic offers a wide range of treatment options that our experienced doctors are trained in. We also provide advanced treatments that may not be available at other practices.

Our team of doctors and nurses at Comprehensive Medical Clinic serves patients from the metro Atlanta area at our Norcross, GA office. We prioritize treating our patients with utmost respect, compassion, and concern for their overall health and physical well-being. Our approach to pain management is multidisciplinary, utilizing minimally invasive interventional techniques and successful medication management.

Located in Metro-Atlanta, Comprehensive Medical Clinic is renowned for providing compassionate and respectful care to all our patients, prioritizing their overall well-being. Our approach to pain management focuses on incorporating various minimally invasive techniques to achieve optimal results. To schedule an initial appointment, please call 470-766-7246 today.

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